Julie Carter Andrews

Hi, my Name is Julie Carter Andrews. Let me help you achieve your goals in: Mindfulness - MindCoach - LifeCoach for Positive Wellbeing

"You have the power to "Change, a butterfly flaps its wings to fly in whatever direction, so can you"!

Julie Carter Andrews

PENNA Award Winner 2019 "Professional of the Year"

  • Open your mind to "Positive Psychology" 

Hi, my Name is Julie Carter Andrews.

I'm a Mindfulness trained (home practice), MindCoach and life Coach Teacher. I have been practicing Mindfulness and MindCoach since 2017, working in the government sectors including Prisons, Private and Corporate companies, helping professional staff deal with stress, transformation and change. I saw an enormous need and demand in people around me that needed  help  to deal with everyday life situations.

I have now expanded my services on line, to reach out to those anywhere in the world that need guidance.

I design unique packages to meet the needs of individuals that will help with any situation and to make the most of every waking minute. 

If you would like to work with me or have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. 


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

I usually respond to all messages within 24 hours, on both weekdays and weekends.

Contact me to discuss

 I offer a variety of different options, one to one, group mindcoach workshops sessions and consultations. All sessions are strictly confidential. I have enhanced DBS. Fully Insured. 

PENNA Award Winner National Award Professional of the Year 2019

Mindfulness - Allowing and Letting Be MindCoach - Feeling the difference through positive psychology LifeCoach - Helping you achieve the best

PEN - Patient Experience National Award

PENNA Winner 2019 - Professional of The Year (Private Sector) Mindfulness - MindCoach within the workplace 

PENNA Runner UP 2019 - Turning it Around When It Goes Wrong 

PENNA Winner 2016 - Turning it Around When It Goes Wrong

PENNA Runner UP 2016 - Patient and Staff Engagement

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Mindfulness one to one 
8 - week programme - Which Includes 
Mindful Meditation 
Healthy Mindset - Better Wellbeing
Recognising Aversion
Breathing Space
Interpersonal Mindfulness
Mindfulness Plan - Support
MindCoach - One Day Workshop 6 Hours Maximum 4 People
Positive Psychology 
Your life Priorities helping you make better decisions 
Balance - what you want to achieve 
Dealing with Stumbling Blocks - To manage difficulties 
Creating Your Vision 
Regrets - Managing Risks
The Process of Change 
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